All fees are to be paid on the first of every month in full. There is still NO yearly registration fee. You just pay month to month.

New Fee Scale:

Pre-K Class– $45.00 per month

Pre-K- Ballet- $30.00 per month

Pre-K- Tap– $30.00 per month

All other classes will follow the fees listed below (a class refers to any of the listed/described classes on the class description list):

1 class- $45.00 per month

2 classes– $80.00 per month

3 classes- $100.00 per month

4 classes- $115.00 per month

Additional Lessons and classes:

Solo/Private Lessons- $50.00 per month

Duet/Trio Lessons- $25.00 per person per month

Strength and Conditioning Class– $25.00 per month

If you need to break monthly fees into separate payments, please see me.